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gold 585 - - Colgante De Signo Del Zodiaco - Piscis - Zodíaco yellow npskau716-Jewelry

Churches need engaged volunteers to grow and transform the local church. And in today’s world, every organization, even churches and non-profits, needs superior customer service to keep people engaged and coming back for more.

While these things are clear, leading others to these ideals is never an easy path. At MatterSpark, we’ve walked this journey many times.

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The thing is “consultants” tend to come into your life, give his or her two cents, and leave you to fix everything. But I believe that helping people with the small steps is just as important as providing the bigger vision, goals, and “best practices.”

Mary Ann Sibley, Founder and Consulting | MatterSpark Coaching and Consulting

MatterSpark Coaching and Consulting | Meet Founder Mary Ann Sibley

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We have a huge heart for seeing people win and excel in leadership, customer service, and volunteer and employee engagement. That kind of success can only happen through both planning and action, with investment on all sides.

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In every business I worked for in the last 20 years, even as a CFO, I had a tendency to work myself out of a job! I had a knack for growing and developing employees beneath me.

This passion followed into my personal life. I came to the church for the first time at 40 years old. Before long, I was a volunteer. Before I knew it, I had started a volunteer ministry from scratch, growing it into the thousands.

That experience was powerful for me. I discovered that while a one-time speech can be inspiring, no matter how awesome, it can’t impart change without a plan and leaders to take action to implement the vision. And that’s the part I love to dig into with you.

So that’s why I do what I do - because what you do matters and I know how to light the sparks you need to make it bigger than yourself.

Let’s kindle what matters together. I’m cheering you on.

Mary Ann Sibley, Consultant with MatterSpark

Mary Ann Sibley is the owner of MatterSpark. She loves the beach, a great book, and quality time with her family. Some have said she should come with a warning label because she oozes so much “energy and enthusiasm that your team will never be the same again.” You can be the judge and contact her here.

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August 2, 2017 - #002 

August 2, 2017 - #002 

gold 585 - - Colgante De Signo Del Zodiaco - Piscis - Zodíaco yellow npskau716-Jewelry


Hear Mary Ann's story through her interview with Dylan Dodson and how serving others with radical hospitality really does matter! 

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